Thermal Imaging is one of most frequently used and paired service with our inspections. Thermal imaging provides our inspectors the ability to see beyond what the visual eye can. Are you wanting full reassurance that your whole home has been thoroughly inspected? Worried the inspector wont be able to provide you all the defects that are hiding behind the walls or under the flooring of your home?

Rest assured that we are here to take that worry away! Our thermal imaging will provide us the technology to see within the walls and structure of the home. We can detect many defects that we wouldnt be able to see with just our eyes! 

This is one service you will not be disappointed in pairing with your home inspection!

Defects Detected

  • Heat and Energy Loss
  • Lack of Insulation
  • Termites
  • Plumbing and Electrical Issues
  • Moisture/Mold